What is the Registration Fee of the Congress?

There is no registration fee. Congress is sponsored by Maltepe University. You will be picked up from the airports by a vehicle when you arrive in Istanbul and will be dropped off to the airport by a shuttle in your departuring day.


 Where will the Congress take place?

Sessions will be held in Marma Hotel & Convention Centre in Maltepe in İstanbul. For detailed information, please visit http://www.marmaotel.com/


In which language should papers be presented?

All papers should be written and presented in English.


Can I join the congress without submitting abstract ?

No. Only authors of accepted abstracts can attend the congress.


How will accommodation facilities be organized?

All expenses in Turkey including accomodation will be provided by Maltepe University.


How can I participate to IBMSC 2017?

First, fill out the online registration form at the web site, and then secondly, send your best abstract to ibmsc@maltepe.edu.tr 

Scientific committee will review the abstracts and will announce their decision by email.



Do I have to be student at the University in order to apply for the congress?

You can only apply to the congress if you are an undergraduate or first year masters degree student. You do have to have student status. Accepted students will need to send a certificate in pdf to show proof of student status.


Can we write the paper as a team? 

You can only write a paper with a peer.  The team can not exceed two people.


Do we make presentation at the Congress?

You do make presentation about your paper by using Powerpoint or Prezi at the Congress approximately for 10-15 minutes.


What is the schedule for the IBMSC 2017 ?

5th of April: Arrival of Students (Shuttle Service From Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airport) -First Day-

6th of April: Congress Day

7th of April: Istanbul Tour Day

8th of April: Shuttle Service to Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airport -Last Day-


How can I schedule my flight ticket?

We only provide shuttle services between Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Marma Congress Center from 8 a.m to 11:30 p.m. Thus, please book a flight ticket to arrive in Istanbul during this time frame. The arrival date for the congress is 5th of april and the last day of program is 8th of april. Please schedule your program accordingly. Outside these dates and hours you will need to reach the conference hotel and airport by public transport or taxi by yourself.


Can I send more than one abstract ?

No. Please send your best abstract in terms of relevancy to the topic and quality of content..


What is the review criteria for Abstract by Scientific Committee?

1. Plagiarism & Authenticity

2. Abstract's Degree of Relevancy to the Congress Theme

3. Quality of Context

4. English Language Level in Abstract 

5. Variety of Countries by Applicants


Which referencing style is the right one for IBMSC 2017?

APA formatting and style


Are Ph.d Students  eligible for admission to International Student Congress?



What are most common reasons for abstracts rejections?

1. Plagiarism:

A: Do not submit others work as it is yours.

B:Do not take passages from others paper without adding citations.(Cutting and pasting from the Internet)

C: Do not re-write others paper without citing. (Avoid "Paraphrase Plagiarism"-for more information: https://www.indiana.edu/~istd/example1paraphrasing.html )

2. Lack of Authentic Research:  Do not rely heavily on other people’s work.

3. The topic of the abstract is irrelevant to the congress theme.

4. The abstract is poorly written. (The Level of Written English is not Sufficient)


Shall the papers be published?

All abstracts will be published in Student Congress of "Digital World and Developments Abstract Booklet” before the Congress is held.